The thought of turning 27 next month is making me sick.

Here we go!

My dream is to work for the U.S. EPA or National Weather Service.

Please make this happen. *crosses fingers*

Jeanette - “El muchacho de los ojos tristes”

I just want to cry for no reason. 

sad girl 4 ever

I am now applying for full-time positions.  Why does being an adult have to be so hard?  Can I just work for a place that’s cool, fun, and not super crazy stressful?

Working for the City right now is pretty fun.  I’ve heard that it was going to be fun and the human resources department wasn’t lying!  I work with the funniest, coolest, smartest, and (some) down to earth people.  My water quality manager acts super young at heart and tells me crazy stories almost everyday.  It pretty much keeps me sane at work along with the other public works dudes.  I will definitely be sad when I leave here.

Also, another reason why being an adult is hard: I just opened my first IRA account. OH GOD.  I cant believe I opened a retirement account, but I knew it was time.

Another thing! I know my friends got married/knocked up way earlier in their lives, but now that I’m reaching my late 20s, I’m starting to notice a LOT more engagements (via social media sites. kcoolthnx.) Even though I’m not planning to get married until my early 30s or so, but it’s pretty scary it’s right around the corner.


Mid-life crisis (or 1/4)

I think it’s time to look for something permanent.  It’s time.

Oh wow.  I also just realized I’m turning 27 in like, four months.  I am so sad now.

The Wake - “Melancholy Man”

Or more like melancholy “girl”


Anyway, I think the full moon changes me.  Like, every month.  It’s like around when my “cycle” starts, too, and it changes me into this weird person.  Like seriously, I think I’m turning into some kind of wolf.  Is there scientific evidence that the full moon changes people’s emotions/feelings???

I seriously think it’s fucking up with my emotions right now.  Or, it’s just the hormones.

This song is so good.

Dame vino.

Forever I will be in the public sector.  Just got hired at the City of San Gabriel.



Also, my manager gave me an article from the LA Times and it mentioned how the Space Museum in Downey (where I used to work) is in serious trouble.  I LOL’d at work this morning.  GOOD RIDDANCE, assholes.


Didn’t see a friend this past week for her birthday (then I see her out and about according to IG)

Didn’t say my final good-bye to a friend who is leaving for China in a couple of days. Shoot. I may not see him for a long time this time.

Anyway, either my friends are forgetting about me or we’re slowly drifting apart. Or it’s just me and I’m crazy. I don’t think I am, though.

Maybe this is what happens when you reach your late 20’s…you just, drift apart.



I listen to Astrud Gilberto and think about the times when I was in college.  Those were some great times (and some bad), but I actually kind of miss them.

I don’t really like this adult life.  I don’t like how everything is getting so serious.  Maybe I should stop being so serious.

By the way, how are you doing out there?